Friday, July 24, 2009

Our clothes have arrived..

So exciting, our gorgeous new clothes from Metalicus have arrived!

The bodywear label from Australia was started in the 90's when Melbourne fashion designer Melma Hamersfield was experimenting with stocking fabric. The collections are designed so the pieces can be used as basics or layered together to create an individual look and each season works with the previous seasons.

Being more of an amazon than a waif, I wasn't convinced how the single size concept could work, but although some of the bodytight items are better suited to smaller girls there is something for everyone! The fabric is designed to stretch and return to its previous shape. I've also selected flattering styles that make a girl feel great. The clothes don't need to be ironed and many of the items translate brilliantly from day to night, making them the travelling girl's dream.

A friend of mine mentioned she still wears all of her Metalicus stuff from 5 years ago and they look as good as new. So the range gets a big tick for style, quality and the feel good factor.

We like it a lot and sure you'll love it too.

See you soon



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