Monday, November 8, 2010

The South is Blooming..

A friend of mine living in Holland has a great blog The South is Blooming - take a look here. She happens to be in Joburg for a little while and popped around the other day. See what she had to say here. I think her photos came out really well.

Our Lou Harvey section is gorgeous..

And don't our Gwens look sweet?

We've got lots of lovely pressies in stock now..

Christmas ideas to follow soon

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gorgeous illustration..

I am a huge fan of illustration and so was hugely excited when I came across these gorgeous designs by Johannesburg duo - Paper Jet Designs.

I particularly love the Party card design - I almost want to name the various characters.

We are stocking a large range of their greeting cards and the very charming 2011 calendar.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book(s) of the week

Abby & Ross stock the Assouline range of books - do you know it?

It is a collection of fine illustrated and gift books dedicated to fashion, design, art and photography. While the books are largely graphic they manage to capture their subjects in a quirky and unique way and really bring them to life. You'll find yourself picking up the books again and again to have a look at the great photos and interesting compilations.

Their Memoires books are compact and cover all areas of culture and fashion. At around R250 they make the perfect gift - especially for the fashionista/design-snob/person-that-has-everything. The collections' titles include plenty of fashion (Chloe, Diane von Furstenburg, Roberto Cavalli and Lanvin amongst others); art and design (Fornasetti, Bahaus, Eames) and even cover obscure topics like cufflinks and cocktails.

While my weekly book feature will normally cover only one title. This week I am going to mention three. Chanel Fashion, Chanel Fine Jewellery and Chanel Perfume. They cover the history of Gabrielle Chanel, focussing on their respective subjects and look at her enormous impact on the fashion industry. The contrasting images of Wallis Simpson bedecked in Chanel jewels and 90's supermodels in Chanel's version of the basic t-shirt are signature Assouline style.

The books are sold separately at R250 or together in a special slipcase for R650, so perhaps I can the 3-pack "book of the week" after all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A&R goodies in Oprah Magazine August 09

Some lovely NAVA and Cavallini stock that we have in the shop was included in a lovely piece on storage solutions on page 116.

We love it when we see our name in print!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our clothes have arrived..

So exciting, our gorgeous new clothes from Metalicus have arrived!

The bodywear label from Australia was started in the 90's when Melbourne fashion designer Melma Hamersfield was experimenting with stocking fabric. The collections are designed so the pieces can be used as basics or layered together to create an individual look and each season works with the previous seasons.

Being more of an amazon than a waif, I wasn't convinced how the single size concept could work, but although some of the bodytight items are better suited to smaller girls there is something for everyone! The fabric is designed to stretch and return to its previous shape. I've also selected flattering styles that make a girl feel great. The clothes don't need to be ironed and many of the items translate brilliantly from day to night, making them the travelling girl's dream.

A friend of mine mentioned she still wears all of her Metalicus stuff from 5 years ago and they look as good as new. So the range gets a big tick for style, quality and the feel good factor.

We like it a lot and sure you'll love it too.

See you soon